Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Political humor


Hay did I see President Bush and Secretary Paulson on TV down in Texas at Bush’s ranch. They where in bush’s back yard burying mason jars full of money? Bush said he had lots of work to get done in the next two months. Can you say depression – lame duck – not in touch with what is going on around you?


Then you have Obama saying He was just a neighbor I hardly even new hem and Mr. Arafat. We had drinks together two three times a week that’s all. Can you say two face. (P.L.O Politically- Lacking -Organization (or well say or do anything to get in to office or moven On


Mr. McCain is running around the mulberry bush with a pocket full of weasels. Yelling pop goes the weasel, POP goes the weasel, POP goes the weasel? I know I know you never really know what he's thinking. I’m voting I’m not voting, I’m debating I’m not debating.  Can you say Senility?


I’m surprised that Sarah Palin is even on the campaign trail, the fall salmon run is on. Can you say let’s go fishen? OPS we’re not suppose to pick on girls. I’m sorry Sarah wink wink-wink


Poor Barney Franks got his shirt tail caught up in the Bill O Reilly spin cycle and he’s still flabbergasted. Can you say get out of office? Or should go to jail.


Joe Bidden is one of the good old boys of the belt way. Do I need to say any thing more? How about go home Joe go home.


The View five Hollywood women setting around trying to out shout & talk over each other. Can you say cluck-cluck-cluck? Why don’t you girls get real jobs and help America get out of debt. I know Gods a woman and I’m going to hell. What man isn’t?


New saying for chides hanging out at the play ground. ERP ECONONAMIC RESUIE PLAN Can you say slang for leaky lead duck? Or help us jesses the belt way boys are at it again. Or Wall Street craps shut come on seven Daddy needs a new pair of shoes.



(Note this is political humor only. NO candidates where harmed or experimented on in any way, shape or form. And I am not publicity correct)  

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