Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Do's any one think this Federal bailout is a bad idea?


We the people of this grate land are about to get rolled over the barrel once again by the good old boy’s in  Washington DC and big wigs of Wall Street. Once again we get to pay through the nose with taxes for a government quick fix by throwing billons of tax dollars at a problem. That should have been fixing years ago when Mr. Clinton was in the white house, I can see decades of finger pointing, congressional committees, law suits and yes book deals and TV news show appearances. I’m no financial genus, But even I no that throwing money at a problem only makes the problem bigger, and the tax payers poorer.

 It’s time for strait talk and strait deals.  Stop the political how ha and start fixing the problems. I have one political pull that I intend to use to my fullest this fall my vote. I am going to what tall the very last moment to decide who to vote for this year. I’m going to read about, lessen to, very person I can how is running for an office this year. And if I don’t hear strait talk from them about the problems of today and tomorrow then they are not getting my vote. And I encourage my fallow Americans to do the same. Go to political rallies, lessen to the news, though most news shows are very one sided and just that a show, talk to your family, friends and neighbors. If you don’t get the strait talk from then, then go to a different poetical rallies, turn the channel to a different news show, talk to all your family, and talk to all your neighbors  to find out how is talking the strait talk and how is not. Then do the one thing no one can keep you from doing VOTE.

Yes I know we will be paying for the good old boys of DC and Wall Streets debacle for years to come. But if we have any say in it and we do. Come next year they won’t have a job. And just maybe we will have some one talking strait, and making this land as grate as it can be for every one.


The cry has gone from USA, USA, USA or Obama, Obama, Obama to VOTE, VOTE, VOTE. 

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