Wednesday, October 22, 2008


50 STATES Do’s the East coast think there are only 13 states in this union? The last time I counted there where 50 states, at lest the flag in my front yard has 50 stars on it. You know there are people living past the Ohio River, and we do not all have trap lines and fur to sale. I’ve been lessening to the news reports about the bailout for Wall Street and the banks. And you would think there is nothing but bucktooth morons living past the Ohio River. We do know that if the stuck market keeps going the way it is that there will be more banks to fail and jobs lost. But we also know that throwing billions for tax dollars at a problem do’s not fix the problem. It only makes it last longer and then we get to pay for it all over again. I have sent an e mail to my elected officials telling then if they vote for the bailout I will not vote to put them back in office. And I think there are a lot of as north, south and west of the Ohio River that are saying the same thing. Stop throwing tax money around like there is no tomorrow and fix the problem right the first time. We will get through this and fix it. Lat us all work together and make this a grate land again.

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